UnitOne Hachijo Retreat Fundraiser

Purpose for Fundraising

After six years since inception, UnitOne is entering the next phase as a taiko group. What is UnitOne’s distinct sound? What contributions will it continue to make towards the community? What will the group focus on, and what path will UnitOne take in the upcoming years? At this critical juncture in time, a retreat is imperative to the continued success of the group.

The serene, beautiful, nature-filled Hachijō-jima (八丈島) will be the venue for the retreat. The lives of those residing on Hachijō are intertwined with taiko. Taiko is not just an artform, but a part of the island and its people. By experiencing this deep connection between taiko and life, UnitOne will reflect on their own relationship with taiko and how they connect with themselves, other members, and the communities they serve. 

UnitOne will experience three days living together - breathing the same air and forging deeper relationships. Aside from discussions and workshops, UnitOne will also give back to Hachijō by performing the fundraising concert for residents and in honor of Yuta’s teacher, Takashi Okuyama. 

As UnitOne members are paying out of pocket for this important endeavor, the fundraising concert will help offset the costs which include airfare, workshops, room and board, food, and other expenses as necessary. Thank you for your continued support!