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About Miura Taiko Ten 

Founded in 1865, Miura Taiko Ten has more than 150 years of experience building “genuine” taiko drums. A “genuine” taiko is one that reaches people’s hearts. The sound produced by these drums have been passed down from generation to generation, and has continued to resonate deeply within our hearts. To keep this “sound” alive is what we consider our tradition. Carrying the will of the first generation MIURA, the sixth generation MIURA continues to protect this sound.

Miura Taiko

 A Sound that is Alive

Wadaiko’s true potential lies in its live “sound”. This sound is what connected the hearts of people and continues to serve an important role in our lives. The history of Miura Taiko Ten is the history of building this sound. Our mission is to continue to build this sound, no matter the era.

Protecting and Creating Tradition

Protecting tradition means to protect the “sound” that has been passed down. Creating tradition means to challenge ourselves to create a new sound that aligns with the new generation, while staying true to our mission in protecting the sound. The “techniques” necessary to continue to challenge ourselves will also be passed down to the future generations.


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