Session 3 Courses starting the week of Sep 4!

Session 3 Courses starting the week of Sep 4!
Go to WWW.SOLATIDON.COM for descriptions on all the courses!
In Person Courses:
Sunday, 3-3:55pm - Taiko Together (ManMan)
Sunday, 4-5:45pm - Mochizuki 望月 (ManMan)
Monday, 6-7:45pm - Jack Bazaar (Yuta)
Monday, 6-7:45pm - Mute (Blaine)
Monday, 8-9:45pm - Omiyage (Yuta)
Tuesday, 6-7:45pm - Ji Team (David)
Wednesday, 6-7:45pm - Groove! Piece (Masa)
Wednesday, 6-7:45pm - LATI Bayashi (Fred)
Wednesday, 8-9:45pm - Matsuri Daiko (Masa)
Wednesday, 8-9:45pm - Mata Ne (Fred)
Thursday, 6-7:45pm - Beta Fundamentals (Yuta)
Thursday, 8-9:45pm - Rei (Julia)
Friday, 6-7:45pm - Hiryu Sandan Gaeshi (Daniel & Kara)
Saturday, 10-11:45am - Dokokara (Masa)
Saturday, 12-1:45pm - Yodan Uchi (Yuta)
Saturday, 12-1:45pm - Hachijo Solo Development (Masa)
Online Courses (open to anyone worldwide):
Dokokara (taught by Yuta, feedback by Masa)
Hachijo Solo Development (taught by Masa)
Jack Bazaar (taught by Yuta)
Mochizuki 望月 (taught by ManMan via Zoom every Tues 7-8pm PST)
Omiyage (taught by Yuta)
Yodan Uchi (taught by Yuta)
Students taking any of the courses in session 3 will have the opportunity to perform at the LATI DONference Recital (there will be a Recital participation fee starting this year)