$ 88

Quitiplas in the Pocket  (2 hr 45 mins)

Feb 2 (Sun) 3-5:45pm - Shime/Oke focus

Mar 8 (Sun) 3-5:45pm  - naname focus

Apr 12 (Sun) 3:-5:45pm - Arrangement focus

 $35 per workshop* 

*each workshop are related to one another, but will have different focus in each one. Therefore participants can choose what works for their schedule, you may take all of them, or some of them

“Quitiplas in the Pocket” is a solo improvisation piece on the Naname (slant style) drums created by ManMan. It has interlocking polymeter base-beats, adapted from the Venezuelan Quitiplas music, that is played on various shime daiko. Participants will be learning the polymeter base beat with body percussion, which provides a new listening and playing experience. ManMan’s approach creates new pathways that deviate from the classical music approach, as the body percussion exercise help participants to internalize the music and playing with a groove.


Body Bayashi

Mar 28 (Sat) 4:00-6:00pm



Objectives: An innovative approach to practicing rhythm and multiple instrumental parts simultaneously to enhance listening skills and understanding of the music. Participants will use body percussion to practice shime and kane parts of “nageai”/”mikoshi bayashi”, playing and singing two instrumental parts at the same time.

 Brief Workshop Content description: “Body Bayashi” is a body music/dance piece created during the San Francisco International Orff Courses based on the kuchi-shoga (phonetic musical notation of traditional Japanese drumming) of “Nageai/Shichome/Mikoshi Bayashi” – a basic pattern from the festival music of old Tokyo, as learned from Kenny Endo-sensei. Through learning this dance, participants will internalize and embody the interlocking relationship between two instruments simultaneously. The exercise can be applied to any taiko piece to strengthen listening skills and enhance understanding of the musical nuances.

Creative Movement and Expression with Naname Choreography  (2 hr 30 mins) $35

Mar 29 (Sun) 1:00-4:00PM

Video: Video from Intercollegiate Taiko Invitational 2019

Objectives: This workshop offers exercises that explore the ergonomics of fluid movement in naname choreography. A picture book by Thomas Locker “Cloud Dance” will be used as part of the workshop creative exploration. ManMan will showcase the process of utilizing different elements of movement to shape an ideas or stories. 

Brief Workshop Content Description

Propelled by the quest to find fluidity in movement, this workshop provides a space for participants to enhance their sensitivity with naname choreography. In this session, we will search for full body awareness and connection between ourselves and the taiko by exploring in depth body mechanics and breaking down techniques to generate a rich sound while moving around the taiko. Through all this, we will enhance our vocabularies and tune into our natural flow to find full dynamic expression within naname choreography.

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