KODO Chappa (5sun)

$ 127

KODO chappa - 5 sun (diameter: approximately 15cm)  

Chappa (Chinese cymbals) are traditionally used to accompany other musical instruments, but recently they have also been used in solo expressions on stage. As various ways of playing the chappa evolved, the necessity to improve the sound and durability became clear to Kodo.

To meet our unique performance needs, Kodo chappa were designed through a collaborative effort between a metal craftsman and our own players, working together to determine the best material, the optimum thickness, and the best shape acoustically. Much attention was also paid to the pins and rings, which are both rugged and flexible to allow an intricate array of sound and broad range of expression.

To keep chappa in top condition, simply wipe them as soon as possible after use with a clean, dry cloth. Only use metal cleaners and creams to remove stains when they become very soiled. With simple maintenance, their clear, vibrant sound and luster will last for years to come.

  • Diameter: Approx. 15 cm

[Made in Japan]

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