$ 15

Mind and Body Workout - 8 Weeks
Drills and Uchikomi for the body and soul
Sundays from 1-2:45PM (Starts January 26)
Full: $176 / Monthly: $96
Mind and Body Workout Course Description

Ensemble Fundamentals - 8 Weeks
Wide range of taiko styles and techniques for playing in a taiko group.
Fridays from 8-9:45PM (Starts January 28)
Full: $176 / Monthly: $96
Ensemble Fundamentals Course Description

Naname Fundamentals - 8 Weeks
Gain a deeper understanding of Naname Style.
Fridays from 6-7:45PM (Starts January 24)
Full: $176 / Monthly: $96
Naname Fundamentals Course Description

Drum Covers! - 8 Weeks
Explore taiko in the context of pop music
Saturdays from 12-1:45PM (Starts January 25)
Full: $176 / Monthly: $96
Drum Covers! Course Description

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