Etymotic Earplugs

$ 15

Great for protecting your ears while drumming! Comes with a black cord and case.

 High-Definition Earplugs

ETY•Plugs® HD are the world’s highest definition ready-fit earplugs. They reduce most noise to safe levels while preserving the clarity of speech and environmental sounds. ETY•Plugs HD are configured to replicate the natural response of the ear canal so that when sound enters the earplug, it is reproduced unchanged, exactly the same as the ear would hear it, only quieter.

  • Regular use of high-definition ETY•Plugs HD while operating machinery, power tools or loud vehicles will protect hearing from the cumulative effects of overexposure to loud noise throughout life.
  • A little time may be required to acclimate to these earplugs. Most users comment that they hear speech and environmental sounds better when using ETY•Plugs HD.
  • ETY•Plugs HD are reusable, but with repeated use, the eartips may lose elasticity. For best performance and retention, if you use your ETY•Plugs HD constantly, replace them every 3-6 months.



  • High-definition hearing protection
  • Comfortable, 3-flange fit designed to seal the ear
  • Reusable and long lasting
  • Detachable cord to prevent loss
  • Available in 2 sizes* — standard and large

* Studies by Etymotic Research and an independent lab show that the smaller of the two sizes fits the majority of ears. Ear size cannot be predicted by the appearance of the outer ear, or by a person’s physical size, age or gender.


What's In The Box?

  • ETY•Plugs HD earplugs
  • Black neck cord
  • Storage case


  • Reduces sound levels evenly so that speech and environmental sounds are clear and natural, not muffled as with foam earplugs
  • Reduces sound approximately 20 dB across the range of hearing
  • Provides enough sound reduction in most settings to protect hearing, but keeps users aware of their surroundings
  • Reduces the potential for hearing damage outside of work from loud machinery, vehicles, power tools, sporting events and recreational activities
  • Provides better hearing in noisy environments because ears don’t overload
  • Reduces fatigue from long-term exposure to noise
  • Not recommended for use with impulse noise, e.g., shooting sports


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