Reirou 1.15shaku

$ 1,500

Drum size: 1.15shaku (35cm / 13.75in) 

Body Length: 1.6shaku (48.5cm / 19in)

This is the smallest of the Reirou series and the easiest to handle. The sound grains played from the taut drum surface have a clear outline, and create a moment of splendor in solo performances.

Dimensions: Bore 1 shaku 1 sun 5 min. x Body length 1 shaku 6 sun.

The Reirou Series, here are its charms

◇Clear striking sound with a bouncy core
The body is made of natural Akita cedar, which has a fine grain and excellent strength, for outstanding acoustic effects.
◇Flexible usability that can be used as both a katsugi tub and a standing instrument.
The perfect balance between the diameter and length of the body creates a high level of design.
The body is colored in peacock indigo, reminiscent of the mystery of the deep sea, and has a deep luster.
The hinoki work Ajiro-gumi, a craft that combines beauty and durability, is used for the hoop.
The traditional Japanese beauty of the rigid image of the body and the dainty expression of the hoop match each other.

Variations of performance

As a tub:
The beauty of the well-calculated form is enhanced in a free performance with a strap attached to strike from the shoulder.