Shime Daiko

$ 935

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Shime Daiko, also known as, Tsukeshime Daiko is a high pitched drum.

[Made in Japan]

Size  | Diameter of Head |  Height of Body  |  Weight  |  Price 

Namitsuke (rope) 1.15shaku (35cm/13.7in) 5sun (15cm/6in) 3.2kg (7.1lbs)


Namitsuke (bolt)
1.15shaku (35cm/13.7in)
5sun (15cm/6in) 5.5kg (12.1lbs)


2cho (rope)
1.18shaku (35.4cm/14in)
6sun (18cm/7in) 6.0kg (13.2lbs)


2cho (bolt) 1.18shaku (35.4cm/14in) 6sun (18cm/7in) 9.0kg (19.8lbs) $1,340.00
3cho (rope) 1.22shaku (37cm/14.5in) 7sun (21cm/8in) 8.5kg (18.7lbs) $1,900.00
3cho (bolt) - new model 1.22shaku (37cm/14.5in) 7sun (21cm/8in) 8.9kg (19.6lbs) $2,050.00
4cho (rope) 1.25shaku (37.5cm/14.7in) 8sun (24cm/9in) 10.8kg (23.8lbs) $2,230.00
4cho (bolt) 1.25shaku (37.5cm/14.7in) 8sun (24cm/9in) 15.5kg (34.2lbs) $2,330.00


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