Rippei fue soumaki #6

$ 600

 Rippei  Chabue (brown flute) #6

Key: Bb(A#)

Shinobue Rippei's chabue is made of high quality bamboo like smoke bamboo. Smoke bamboo (susudake) is originally used as a typical material of shinobue. It is popular among players for the looks and dryness. But now, the number of smoke bamboo is decreased and it is hard to get. Shinobue Rippei makes his shinobue closer to smoke bamboo. In order to make material of this shinobue, shinodake bamboo is set in the severe condition. Some hard bamboo can survive this condition and shinobue Rippei uses this strong bamboo as material of his chabue shinobue. Artificial smoke bamboo tends to have smell of smoked bamboo. But, urushi coating prevents it from such smell.