Tiffany Tamaribuchi is coming to Asano Taiko US!!!

About Tiffany Tamaribuchi: Champion of the 2002 OTAIKO Hibike All Japan Odaiko Contest and a finalist in the first Tokyo International Ippon-Uchi Odaiko Competition, Tiffany is widely recognizedas one of the best instructors and workshop facilitators in North America. Her Odaiko workshops at events like the North American Taiko Conference, Taiko Camp, and the Regional Taiko Gatherings are always filled to capacity. Having taught hundreds of workshops, Tamaribuchi has honed her technique and instruction. She brings 22 years experience touring and training professionally with several top companies and folk artists throughout Japan.


March 30th:

Session I [Kihon] 10am-1pm

developing balance, grounded and effective stances, activating and using your koshi/core, overview of different fundamental sticking and striking techniques, upper body flexibility and conditioning, injury prevention, expression of spirit & stage presence.

Session II [Ji] 2pm-5pm

sticking techniques including exploring depth of strike, exploring "ma" and timing, creating/finding and feeling the groove for solo drumming and accompaniment, developing stamina, supporting soloists and your group/ensemble.

March 31st:

Session III [Kata] 10am-1pm (Sessions I & II highly recommended before this session)

developing greater control and expressiveness, techniques to develop power and improve stamina, exploring dynamic range and contrast, exploring "ma" & timing.

Session IV [Solos] 2pm-5pm (Session III or instructor permission/previous attendance required)

developing elements of improvosation/composition, exploration of narrative & spirit, practice solos with group and individual feedback.


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Special Event at Asano Taiko US