Multi Purpose Nagado Taiko Stand -YOROZU-

We are excited to introduce our latest product - the versatile and multi-purpose Nagado Taiko Stand, Yorozu. This taiko stand is unique in its kind as it can be played in four different styles. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned artist, this stand is designed to cater to your needs and enhance your drumming experience.

Beta (completely flat)
The Beta completely flat style is perfect for those who value stability and control over their drumming. This style allows the drum to lay fully flat, providing a steady and solid base for the player.

Beta (angled style)
For a more dynamic playing experience, the Beta angled style is the way to go. By angling the drum, players can have a more extensive range of motion, allowing for more expressive and lively performances.

Miyake Style
The Miyake style, This style is marked by its intense, powerful beats and is well-suited for players who are looking to incorporate more physicality into their performances. Training in the Miyake style can also increase one's strength and endurance.

Yatai Style
Th Yatai style offers a unique and challenging way to play. Yatai is a unique sitting style that originated from Chichibu, Saitama in Japan.

Our Yorozu Nagado Taiko Stand is a must-have for any Taiko enthusiast. It's a versatile, sturdy and easy-to-use stand designed with the player's comfort and convenience in mind. Shop now and elevate your Taiko drumming experience to new heights!

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