Manman's new courses will be start on May 9th!

Use the Force: Body Awareness and Ergonomics in Taiko Playing

Thu 6pm-7:45pm (starting May 9)
For those who are interested in strengthening their posture and explore body awareness in taiko, this course explores breathing exercise, mindfulness practice, and stretches to support a deeper understanding of body coordination and strengthen our awareness to prevent injuries in taiko. Beginners welcome!

Quitiplas in the Pocket - Drills and Soloing in Polymeter
Thu 8pm-9:45pm (starting May 9)
For those who are looking for creative ways to strengthen listening skills in taiko, supportive ways to enrich your soloing vocabulary for naname, and fun ways to practice playing in the groove! this course explores all of the above through body percussion and many more innovative ways to practice internalizing the music. build an inclusive platform for participants to connect with each other through taiko!


Yeeman Mui:
Yeeman Mui (Manman) is an experienced performer and acclaimed teacher. She was a Taiko Center of the Pacific Fellow in 2012-2014 and performing member from 2013-2017. She has an MPhil in Musicology from the University of Hong Kong and is a certified Orff Schulwerk instructor. Mui now teaches at Los Angeles Taiko Institute, performs as a solo artist, and gives workshops to groups around the globe.