3rd anniversary of Asano Taiko US

July 25 marks the 3rd anniversary of Asano Taiko US. Thank you to the students, aikoukai members, staff, family, and friends of our community who have made this milestone possible.

It has been a wild ride, and three years passed in a blink. But through it all we see the power of taiko to connect people. Asano Taiko US' very existence is the result of these connections and the daily support of so many. I am deeply grateful.

I want to continue to work to create a place where people say, "Asano Taiko US is the place to learn taiko..." and "Asano Taiko US is a great community." I have so much left to learn, but where I am deficient, I am confident that the bonds given us by taiko will carry us through.

Thank you for your continued support of Asano Taiko US!

Katsuji Asano