2022 Session 3 Online Course: Sep 4 - Nov 26

$ 240

Available online courses for Session 3:

  • Dokokara (taught by Yuta, feedback by Masa)
  • Hachijo Solo Development (taught by Masa)
  • Jack Bazaar (taught by Yuta)
  • Mochizuki 望月 (taught by ManMan)*
  • Omiyage (taught by Yuta)
  • Yodan Uchi (taught by Yuta)

*note: this online class is taught on Zoom every Tues 7-8pm (PST). Classes will be recorded.


If you are able to come to Torrance, CA for the LATI DONference's Recital + Concert, we would love to have you be a part of it!!!  More info regarding the event here: www.solatidon.com

Contact Asano Taiko U.S. if you have any questions--

taiko@asano.us or 424-558-3118