2022 Session 3 Courses: Sep 4 - Nov 26

$ 300

Enrollment for Session 3 courses now open!


  • Sunday, 3-3:55pm - Taiko Together (ManMan)
  • Sunday, 4-5:45pm - Mochizuki 望月 (ManMan)
  • Monday, 6-7:45pm - Jack Bazaar (Yuta)
  • Monday, 6-7:45pm - Mute (Blaine)
  • Monday, 8-9:45pm - Omiyage (Yuta)
  • Tuesday, 6-7:45pm - Ji Team (David)
  • Wednesday, 6-7:45pm - Groove! Piece (Masa)
  • Wednesday, 6-7:45pm - LATI Bayashi (Fred)
  • Wednesday, 8-9:45pm - Matsuri Daiko (Masa)
  • Wednesday, 8-9:45pm - Mata Ne (Fred)
  • Thursday, 6-7:45pm - Beta Fundamentals (Yuta)
  • Thursday, 8-9:45pm - Rei (Julia)
  • Friday, 8-9:45pm - Hiryu Sandan Gaeshi (Daniel & Kara)
  • Saturday, 10-11:45am - Dokokara (Masa)
  • Saturday, 12-1:45pm - Yodan Uchi (Yuta)
  • Saturday, 12-1:45pm - Hachijo Solo Development (Masa)

Thursday and Saturday courses will be 11 weeks ($275). All other courses will be 12-week courses ($300).

If you are a beginner we recommend you sign up for the Thurs 6-7:45pm Beta Fundamentals course. 

All classes are 1 hour and 45 minutes long and happen every week for 11/12 weeks (Thursday and Saturday courses will be 11 weeks). First class begins the week of Sep 4th, 2022.

Please check the weekly schedule along with the course descriptions, and purchase the appropriate product to reserve your spot!

All courses are to prepare and participate in our end of the year event, LATI DONference's Recital + Concert. More info regarding the event here: www.solatidon.com


Asano Taiko U.S. will be checking everyone's temperature and requiring EVERYONE who enters the facility to wear a mask. We will not be checking vaccination records anymore.


If you have any questions regarding the courses please contact us--

424-558-3118 or email taiko@asano.us .