$ 75

The KAISER DRUMS LED Taiko-BACHI create sensational light- and color effects in all Taiko performance. Bright LED beams - from mystical blue to fiery red- leave the drumsticks projecting fascinating, colorful light trails on the drumheads, in the air and the surrounding. The overwhelming power and dynamics of Taiko drumming is complemented by bright visualized movements and lighting effects - a real highlight!

KAISER DRUMS Website - https://www.kaiser-drums.de/

- Solid, massive Taiko drum stick, hornbeam, 2,5x41cm, approx. 150g/pcs/stick

- 10 color modes with different effects (incl. strobe)

- Easy recharging with Y MicroUSB cable supplied

- Compatible to any laptop, pc, iCharger, anytime, anywhere

- Up to 3h lighting time

- 360˚ visual impact, thanks to nylon end lens

- Active and switch by touching the micro USB connectors longer than →1-2 sec. (mTouch)

- Optimum charing time is around only 1h. The LED-Bachi will flash green as soon as the batteries are fully charged!

- Keep the LED-Bachi switched off during charging.  The batteries discharges when the LED-Bachi are not in use.

- visible over 500meter

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