Kaoly Asano Workshop

$ 80

Monday, March 9th


at Asano Taiko U.S.


About the workshop:

In this workshop you will learn "groove taiko" , aka "tribal taiko" from GOCOO founder, Kaoly Asano (Tokyo, Japan). Learn Kaoly style spiritual taiko utilizing energy from your "tanden" and the unique approach of striking gracefully with your whole body.


About Kaoly Asano:

KAOLY ASANO is based in Tokyo. She founded her group GOCOO and her school, known as TAWOO Taiko Dojo in 1997. GOCOO are known for their unique style, sometimes referred to as “groove taiko” or “tribal taiko”, breaking away from more traditional forms of taiko drumming. They are the first group to perform at a wide range of music festivals around the world, Sziget Festival, Montreux and Womad to name but a few. GOCOO have toured in Europe every year since 2003.

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