Adam Weiner Workshops (April 2023)

$ 60
Saturday, April 1st, 2023

9:30-12:00pm: Katsugi Okedo (beginning)

1:30-4:00pm: Katsugi Okedo (intermediate)


Sunday, April 2nd, 2023

9:30-12:00pm: Katsugi Okedo (movement)

1:30-4:00pm: Soloing & Improv (on beta)


One workshop: $60.00
Two workshops: $100.00
Three workshops: $140.01
Four workshops: $160.00

Workshop 1: Katsugi okedo (beginning)
Pre-requisite: none
Katsugi okedo is an incredibly satisfying instrument to play well! In this beginning workshop we cover the basics of katsugi okedo playing, starting with tying the strap and making the okedo “fit” your body, to being comfortable wearing the drum. We’ll also spend a lot of time on playing the front head well with both the right and left hands, using basic taiko rudiments to help you get better!

Workshop 2: Katsugi okedo (intermediate)
Pre-requisite: any prior experience or workshops on katsugi okedo
What’s better than learning katsugi okedo? Learning more katsugi okedo! In this intermediate workshop we dive deeper into striking technique, with a lot of focus on the left hand. We’ll work the left hand on both the front and rear heads, eventually working up to doing crossovers!

Workshop 3: Katsugi okedo (movement)
Pre-requisite: any prior experience or workshops on katsugi okedo
One of the beautiful things about katsugi okedo is the ability to move freely while playing, but it can be very difficult to do well! We’ll start with understanding how to shift the okedo around your body at will, eventually working up to turning and moving in any direction you choose, all while playing whatever patterns you want!

Workshop 4: Soloing and Improvisation (on beta, not on okedo)
Pre-requisite: at least a small amount of soloing experience
Whether you’re looking to feel more comfortable with improv or want to take your solos to the next level, this is the workshop for you! We’ll look at solos at the physical, musical, and emotional level, how to fit them to the song you’re playing, and do all of this through many different drills that will engage everyone, regardless of how long you’ve been playing taiko or how comfortable you are soloing. I guarantee you’ll be using this material for years to come!