Adam Weiner Workshops

$ 50
Katsugi Okedo Technique
April 11, 11am-1:30pm
by Adam Weiner
$50 online or @ Asano Taiko US
Katsugi okedo is an increasingly popular style of taiko, but can also be very difficult to get comfortable with!  We’ll cover how to “fit” the okedo on your body to integrate it before we tackle striking, then spend a lot of time working on the various strikes on okedo, especially that tricky left hand.  I’ll even show similarities to the ways you already strike to make things even easier! Open to all skill levels!

Soloing and Improvisation
April 12, 11am-1:30pm
by Adam Weiner
$50 online or @ Asano Taiko US
Whether you’re looking to feel more comfortable with improv or want to take your solos to the next level, this is the workshop for you!  We’ll look at improv as a multi-faceted art form and different ways to approach soloing both with music and movement. Whether you’re new or experienced, there will be a plethora of drills that will push everyone out of their comfort zone in ways that are both fun and engaging, and can spark creativity for years to come.  This workshop is a fun bootcamp for your improvisational muscles!
Adam Weiner started playing taiko 28 years ago.  For the first 25 of those, he trained, performed, toured, taught, and composed with San Jose Taiko.  He is also known for teaching workshops over several NATC, once at the 2014 WTG, and blogging about taiko for almost a decade.  On top of that, he has been the point person at the last five NATC creating and analyzing surveys and survey data to help make the experience better for all involved.  Now, Adam offers his expertise and perspectives through offering workshops and creating compositions for the taiko community!
In addition to his taiko experience, Adam brings 25 years of martial art training/teaching, and a great fondness for improvisation, body percussion, and world percussion to his art.

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