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LATI invites anyone interested to come and try Kris’s new courses during Week 1 of instruction (Thursday, 2/6 to Wednesday, 2/12) for free!
We are excited to offer this great opportunity and share the experience of taiko with anyone interested!
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Omiyage Class Week 2 and 3 - Student Perspective

Week 2 classes began with a recap of Omiyage Basic hits, where we focused on arm placement and expression. I’m beginning to learn that Omiyage is a balance between exemplifying both strength and grace at the same time. Yuta has made the analogy that some key moves should look like a stretching rubber band and it’s release. We also began learning a few of the main phrases, deconstructing the movements to fully understand where our body, weight, arms, hands, and core should be for each movement. The class ended with learning the basics of the shime/okedo parts of the main phrases.

Omiyage Class Week 1 - Student Perspective

My name is Derek Oye and I am currently a student at the Los Angeles Taiko Institute (LATI) hosted by Asano Taiko US. In order to improve my skills and connect with other taiko players, I decided to enroll in the 12-week course “Naname Patterns: Omiyage Chu-Part” on Sundays from 2-3:30pm (

LATI at CicLAvia this Sunday!

Join LATI staff and students next weekend for a day of biking and taiko!

Sunday, Oct 6, a group of us will be riding from Asano Taiko US towing a small set of drums to downtown Los Angeles to participate in CicLAvia. The event opens major streets in Los Angeles to biking, skating, and walking. It's one of my very favorite LA events.

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