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1. 1.8shaku(21"1/2)1.7 shaku (20"1/4)okedo stands. each/$150(original price $420)

2.Shinofue(Japanse scale) Bamboo #6 $50(original price $90).

3.Shinofue(Japanse scale) Bamboo #4 $60(original price $120).

4.Happi blue(9-10age)$15(original price $40).

New product.

New product.
Shhimejishi(katsugi okedo created in with KODO).
鼓童さんからの依頼で製作していた締獅子がASANO TAIKO USでも販売できるようになりました!

Isaku Kageyama 8-Week Odaiko Course!

Isaku Kageyama 8-Week Odaiko Course!

The 8-Week Odaiko Course will cover:

1. Fundamental Odaiko technique for dynamic form and solid sound
2. Ensemble performance techniques for executing pieces in common contemporary taiko settings
3. Improvisational techniques for flexibility and musical expression.

Participants will learn two pieces - “Agari Yatai” by Yoichi Watanabe, and “Rhythm of Your Soul” by Isaku Kageyama. Participants can expect to gain a deeper understanding of both fundamental and applied Odaiko techniques.

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