Prime Studio Rental

$ 100

Sign up now for the month of April!

Prime Studio Rental is a studio rental service where students pay $100/month and are allowed to practice using the small studio for 10 hours max during the month you sign up. Please read the rules carefully before signing up. If anyone breaks any of the rules we will need to cancel the prime studio rental service. We appreciate your understanding.

Once you make a purchase we will send you an email on how to enter the studio. Our store will be closed during prime rental, so you will be entering from the back door (near the shipping container). 
If you have questions/concerns regarding this new system, please email Asano Taiko U.S. for any

Available Studio Time (non business hours):
Monday -Friday: 12am-3pm, 10pm-12am
Saturday: 12am-10am, 4pm-12am
Sunday: 12am-11am, 3pm-12am


  • no refund
  • please use only the small studio (not the large studio)
  • you are allowed to use the studio by yourself or with other prime studio rental users ONLY. NO GUESTS/FRIENDS/GROUPMATES ALLOWED
  • max usage hours: 10 hours/month/person
  • please enter the facility 10 minutes before your reservation at the earliest
  • even if the front door is open prime rental users must use the back door to enter
  • if you would like to rent the studio during business hours, hourly rate will be $10/room (for the small studio)
  • do not play the fuchi (rim) with oak bachi
  • no food & drinks allowed in the studio
  • clean the studio after each practice 
  • be sure to leave the room before your reservation end time
  • turn off air conditioner, fans, air purifiers
  • turn off lights when leaving (room & hallway)